Expose and fix your personal data gaps before they become compliance issues

Scan your organization’s unstructured data to uncover:
  • Shadow data
  • Retention policy violations
  • Wasted spend
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We’re building a translation layer that understands both JSON and jargon, logs and legalese. Phaselab automates compliance so you can get back to building.

What’s hiding inside your S3 black box?

Get clarity and control over your cloud storage.


Get a complete view of your unstructured data with automated continuous scanning of your entire S3 footprint.



Flag resources that are out of compliance with your data governance policies.



Know where your personal data is being stored, and how long it’s been there.


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Snowflake Integration

Personal Data

Clean up your warehouse

Image & Audio File Scanning

Image & Audio File Scanning

See more, hear more, know more

Governance Automation

Governance Automation

Compliance on autopilot

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Modern privacy management.

Compliance on autopilot.

Meet the team

David van Dokkum

David cofounded Phaselab after leading privacy compliance as part of his work as COO of Cortico. Previously he served as the Head of Product at Cortico and Actionable, and Senior PM at Chartbeat. He studied literature and business at UNC-Chapel Hill. Ask him for advice about the Appalachian Trail (which he thru-hiked in 2018) or for esoteric music suggestions.
Josh Schwartz
Josh SchwartzCo-founder

Josh cofounded Phaselab after serving as CTO of Chartbeat through its exit in 2022. An expert in large scale data systems, his research has been featured in publications such as The Atlantic, The New York TImes, and Business Insider. He studied machine learning and computer vision at MIT, Cornell, and the University of Chicago. When he isn’t working, you can find him roasting coffee, cooking elaborate meals, or rock climbing.
Abby Krishnan
Abby KrishnanFounding Engineer

Abby joined Phaselab as Founding Engineer in July 2023, having previously worked as a Software Engineer at Pavillion, Affirm, Meta, and HomeAway. A lifelong student of problems at the intersection of society and technology, Abby is excited to help build the future of privacy-preserving products at Phaselab. She studied computer science at UT Austin. Abby maintains a shockingly comprehensive list of vegetarian restaurants across the country, and spends time in nature whenever possible.
Paul Kiernan
Paul KiernanFounding Engineer

Paul joined Phaselab as Founding Engineer in July 2023 from senior engineering roles at Reddit, Chartbeat, and Moat. He brings his expertise in massive scale data engineering to Phaselab’s backend systems. He studied computer engineering at Cornell. Paul spends his free time working on his home built 3d printer, along with countless other home engineering projects.
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